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Christophe Menozzi :

Une expérience qualifiée et approuvée à de nombreuses reprises depuis 1990 !

  • Elu meilleur sommelier de Suisse romande, Ruinart 1999.
  • Meilleur sommelier Jura-Franche-Comté, 2000.
  • Elu meilleur sommelier de l'année 2001, Gault Millau, Suisse.
  • Maître sommelier de France, UDSF 2001.
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The sommelier's word: read a label

The 03/03/2011 at 18:38

Meanings of one of the principal use on the labels of Champagne, written by two initials

Trader-handle, champagne house licensed to buy grapes.
Reaping-handle, and sparkling winemaker who does not market its own grapes.
Cooperative, a group of harvesters.
Grower-Cooperator winemaker who puts his own label on a wine produced by a cooperative.
Champagne grapes from a grower and sold under its own label, but wine is made by a firm that distributes.
Mark of buyers, a large buyer. For example, a chain or group whose name appears on the label that the wine comes from a cooperative or a champagne house.
C. Menozzi
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