Glossary of the vine

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Some vocabulary. Learn little by little the vocabulary of wine!

dictionnaire viticole
« Ampélographie »
: Science describing the different kinds of grapes.
« Le clos »
: A parcel of vines under the law must be surrounded by 4 walls.
« Microclimat »
: Term for a set of climatic conditions on a permanent plot creating a location for a vintage or a portion thereof.
« Ouillage »
: Operation of filling barrels regularly flush the drain so that the wine undergoes a constant evaporation, remains in contact with oxygen in the air.
« La bonde »
: Piece of wood, plastic or glass, to obstruct the barrel.
« La rafle »
: Entire peduncle and pedicels forming the skeleton of a cluster of grapes.
C. Menozzi
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