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Selection of books on wine, as "Wine is a story " written by Michel Bouvier or "The aesthetics of wine" by Jules Chauvet

The wine is a story by Michel Bouvier
  • - « L’esthétique du vin » by Jules Chauvet, editions Jean-Paul Rocher of 104 pages: price 17 €.

  • - « Le vin c’est toute une histoire » by Michel Bouvier editions Jean-Paul Rocher of 140 pages: price 22 €

  • - « Les vins de l’Antiquité à la recherche des saveurs d’autrefois » by Michel Bouvier, editions Jean-Paul Rocher of 196 pages. Price: 37 €.

  • - « Carnet d’un collectionneur de vins anciens » by François Audouze. Editions Michalon of 200 pages. Price: 22 €

  • - « Le vin nectar des dieux, génie des hommes » editions Infolio and edited by the Archaeological pole of the Rhône department of 358 pages, costs 35 €

  • - « Une histoire mondiale du vin de l’antiquité à nos jours » by Hugh Johnson, editons Hachette of 464 pages and costs 23 €

  • - « Le monde du vin, art ou bluff » by Guy Renvoisé at editions Rouergue with 363 pages for a price of 30 €. Just the way you will tone up the atmosphere. Guy was a visionary, his senses do not lie to him. This book was written in 1996 but it is relevant today.

    Example: the word « Château » was invented by winemakers Girondins, he contributed to the fortunes of many of them. Decree dated 30 September 1949, it requires the use of the term « Château » that the product comes from a farm really existing, ie, there must be operating by Castle, including buildings (cellars, winery, ... ..). In the absence of a structure evoking the beautiful old houses.

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