Company Information

Caves Explorer is a solution developed by Aprogsys through its ATS service (Aprogsys Tracking Solutions).

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Aprogsys ATS
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The solution Caves Explorer

Caves Explorer is a French proprietary solution for wine cellar management, whose draft began in 2010. It consists of a web portal, management software and applications for mobile phones, available for free.

Caves Explorer innovation compared to other management solutions for wine cellars is to provide various tools synchronized with each other, but also to identify the bottles using RFID tags.

Caves-Explorer RFID / NFC tags

Caves Explorer RFID / NFC tags are electronic chips equipped with an antenna that allows them to send and receive data remotely. Their antenna also allows them to receive the energy necessary for their operation without using batteries. Their low cost make it an ideal solution to quickly find the information and manage their bottles, but also against loss of information due to the deterioration of paper labels over time.

Caves Explorer RFID tags can be read using Caves Explorer software and a USB drive available in the online catalog.